Samstag, 29. August 2009

Welcome to Arlington!

After the adventure New York my adventure Arlington began! The flight took just an hour and 20 minutes and I was so tired I slept the whole time! In Boston it was funny, because I was looking around for my hostmom Phyllis and there was actually a woman standin near the baggage claim. But she was talking on the phone and didn't seem to wait for me. But when the other exchange student went away she asked me if I was Alina. And of course, I was Alina!! ;) So we hug eacht other happily and went home by car (after searching for the car for some time...). The following days I relaxed a lot without leaving the house, but I took pictures of it! the entrance of my house in Arlington my bed (as twice as high as my bed in Germany!!)

Phyllis' mom Sophie
On Sunday Phyllis parents came and her father did some things around the house like hanging up the mirror in my bathroom.

My full bedside table (with your presents, pictures...)

The big kitchen! Phyllis and I love to cook and to talk about food and buying food and on and on and on...
So that might give you a little impression of my new home! I'm very lucky to be in this house!


  1. I'm not sure if you expect me to write in English, too, but I guess I just do it now!
    Your house looks awesome and I'm happy that you don't have "food problems" either. Maybe we won't be the new 100kg-girls in Germany anymore ;-)
    I hope the future will be as bright as it is at the moment & that we'll meet a lot of good looking football captains ;o

    Hugs Lotte <3

  2. Ich antworte mal auf Deutsch... Dein Haus sieht einfach nur traumhaft aus. Ich habe auch die Bilder im Schülervz gesehen... Es sieht so toll und idillisch aus. So ein Haus hätte ich auch gerne. Du kannst dich wirklich glücklich schätzen!!! *neid*
    Und Phylis sieht auch total nett aus. Ich bin mal gespannt wie dann deine Gastschwestern aussehen.
    gaaaaanz liebe Grüße aus Deutschland:*
    Deine Anna