Mittwoch, 9. September 2009

Last words in freedom!

I catched that my school system is a bit confusing for you and not less than for me! So I'm trying to explain "Home Room" better. You could also say it's like a "Vertretungsplan-meeting" every morning before the lessons start (from 8.00-8.05) that might explain it best. (Thanks to Alex!) And my school letter days!? Theres is "M", "T", "W", H, "F", "S" and "U". The letters do not stand as a capital letter for the days of the week! They are the capital letters for things around Arlington ("H" is for "Heights" e.g.). Every of these days has a different schedule:
1 2 3 4 5 6
M: Geometry Art Spanish PE Multicultural Literature Physics

T: US-History Geometry Spanish PE Physics Multic. Literature

W: Art US-History Spanish PE Multic. Literature Physics

H: Geometry Art US-History Physics Multic. Literature

F: Art Geometry Spanish US-History Multic. Literature Physics

S: Geometry Art Spanish STUDY US-History Literature

U: Art Geometry Spanish Physics US-History

So now you know my schedule! And the subjects are moving. Did you see that? Now we are moving an to other things! I told you about Raspberry picking, didn't I? And this is what we did with the raspberries (ok, there are still a lot in the freezer)
My delicious Raspberry Pie!!!

And I had my great grocery store experience! Not just Stop&Shop, Whole Foods! I can tell you in comparison to Whole Foods every German supermarket looks like after the II. WW!!

and of course I had to take a picture of the POPEYE Spinach! But in fact I took all of these pictures illegal...(A woman came to me and told me it's not allowed to take pictures from the shht!!!)
I also so a mall from inside on the last Sunday (isn't it cool, that shops aren't closed on Sundays!?)! I bought a lot...But I needed all of that stuff for PE(shorts, sneakers, t-shirts), or for winter (boots) and the second season of Gossip Girl...
Ok tomorrow is my first school day, so these were my last words in freedom ;)
Wish me luck!!

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