Samstag, 5. September 2009

Welcome to the IHOP!

No, it's not the famous American pancake restaurant chain.
It's the International House Of Phyllis! Now everyone arrived after some trouble, but I'll tell you about that later.
When Seung-Jung arrived we had no truoble. We picked her up at the airport. Back at home we had a distribution of presents. I gave her a "Munich" -bag and she gave me a CD from a Korean singer! I like it, though I don't understand it (but sometimes he sings English :))
First I'll tell you about my registration at school, which was last Wednesday. (I know, I was a bit lazy with blogging...) We came to school (at 11 o' clock, I guess we've been the last ones going to registration!) and had to complete some forms. After a little while we went to the principal and chose our subjects! I really like my schedule! It's so relaxed in comparison with Germany. We have 14(?!) subjects and now I have 7: US-History, Multicultural Literature (its english), Spanish, Art, PE, Physics and Geometry (I had to choose a math class...). PE(Physical Education) will be really cool, because we have a gym in our school! The principal gave us a tour through the school. And I'm telling you the school is huge!! There are 1200 pupils in the school. I hope I'll find my classrooms and go to lunch at the right time. All of that is very confusing!!! The schedule is not the same everyday, it changes. And when you have PE class then they don't want you to eat before that and do sport full. So on these day you go to lunch at a different time! Before school starts we have home room. It takes about 5 minutes and they are telling you what there will be on that day, if a teacher is ill for example.
But the most confusing thing is they have some kind of letter system. There are seven letters for seven different school days (with different schedules), but the letters do not depend on the days of the week. I hope I'll find out how that work...
Oh I almost forgot to tell I'M A SENIOR! Even so everyone told me, because of my age and class I would go in Germany I'd be in junior class, but the principal said "Oh, you are going to senior class! You will make that" Ok, I did not disagree...

So lats get back to the IHOP (it's our little joke about our multicultural house). My other exchange sister Zhijing should arrive on Thusday at 23:30, but she didn't. A man had a heart attack in the plane and they had to land in Alaska. She spend the night there and arrived the next day and came to our house at 10 am.This is me and Zhijing ("Ze" or "Zeze")!
This is me and Diana (Seung-Jung, we are calling her Diana because it's easier for us)! Diana is from Korea and Zhijing is from China.
Today we've been to a Korean supermarket and Diana was really happy about it. She felt like dancing!! ;)

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  1. Hi,
    das hört sich ja alles toll an und deine gastschwestern sehen wirklich nett aus! Ist ihr Englisch gut? Also könnt ihr euch ganz gut verständigen?
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, dass du Senior bist, das ist ja großartig! Kannst du dann da deinen Heigh-Scholl-Abschluss machen?
    hab Dich ganz doll Lieb
    Noch viel Spaß

    Anna :-*